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Thank you for being a member of the  Puget Sound Slammers

The Puget Sound Slammers board would like to send a sincere thank you to all of our current and former; players, Coaches, board members, volunteers, supporters, and families for their hard work and devotion in creating one of the most competitive clubs in the South Sound.  You were all an integral part in having created some of the most enjoyable memories for so many of our local families that we felt it necessary to send out a final acknowledgement of what you’ve all done and been a part of.


As we transition into our new roles and combine with Blackhills Football Club (BFC) we will be decommissioning the Slammers website and Facebook page.


Thank you all and we hope you all continue your pursuit and love of the game.


See you on the pitch!


Puget Sound Slammers Board







Philosophy:   Blackhills FC is a child centered soccer club that focuses on developing skillful, tactically intelligent, and competitive soccer players within a team environment.  A player’s individual qualities are a function of the team and how we play the game is a greater priority than winning the game.  Our model of the game is based on ball retention and recovering the ball as soon as possible to create scoring opportunities.  We want our athletes to strive for excellence in the classroom, attain their highest level of play, and be respectful citizens and outstanding role models that exemplify sportsmanship.

Professional Coaching Staff:  Our Coaches are the heart and sole of our club.  All of our coaches are required to be licensed with US Soccer.  We believe in a paid coaching staff model because we believe it allows us to attract and retain high quality coaches.  It also allows us to deliver consistent coaching quality.  Our coaches are supervised and mentored by our Technical Director.  The Technical Directors role is to develop and implement a club-coaching plan across all age groups, lead training sessions, and consistently mentor our coaches.  Blackhills FC encourages our coaches to attend US Soccer licensing courses to continue to improve their skills.  Our current coaching staff includes coaches with the following credentials: 3 US Soccer “A” License, 3 US Soccer “B” License, 1 US Soccer “C” License, 3 US Soccer “D” License, and 12 US Soccer “E” License.

Competition: BLACKHILLS FC(BFC)is the only Thurston County Club that competes in the Regional Club League (RCL). The RCL is comprised of the highest-level soccer clubs from across the State.
Training:    We are a Club that works as one team.   All practices are open to Blackhills players so players can train with older or younger teams and attend optional Skills Training Center sessions.   We are constantly striving to provide the best environment that stimulates player and team development.  We want our children and teams to learn, improve and most importantly enjoy their soccer experience.

Cost:  Our fees are all inclusive.  The fee you pay covers all tournament, coaching, and league costs.  We do not add on to our base fee for coaches travel expenses, administration fees, or tournament costs.  Many other clubs add these costs on top of the advertised fee.  Please see our website for the complete list of player fees by age group.

New Select Program:  This year we will be adding a SELECT Level program to serve as a bridge from recreational soccer to our PREMIER program.  This program is designed for the players that are not ready to commit to a year round Premier program.  Please see our website for more details.

Tryouts: BFC will be conducting tryouts for the 2016-2017 season between April 20 and May 12.  Please see the Blackhills FC website for the dates and times for each age group

For more information go to: http://www.blackhillsfc.org






Greetings Puget Sound Slammers Family:

It is with both a heavy heart and optimistic excitement that your Puget Sound Slammers board has voted to combine with Black Hills Football Club beginning in the 2016-2017 select/competitive season. This decision in no way impacts our current teams and they will play out their season with their current coach(es). We have had a long and fruitful history with Walid and Ziad Khoury and have benefitted greatly from their program and the Slammers brand. However, as most of you are aware, all of the local futbol clubs have engaged in very in-depth discussions over the last few years.

Through those discussions it has become clear to us and the Blackhills Football Club that, in order to best serve our local players and provide abundant playing options which better suit both our families and players, a one club model in the South Sound is the best solution on a moving forward basis. While, unfortunately, Thurston County United (TC United) has chosen to not move forward with the combination of clubs at this time, the Puget Sound Slammers and Blackhills Football Club continued the discussions in earnest and, ultimately, found many common values and concerns with the way both of our programs have been run and been performing in recent years. This, combined with the looming “birth year” mandate coming from US Soccer, made us realize many changes would be in store for both our clubs teams and structure regardless of the boards decision.

At the request of the Blackhills Football Club, some Puget Sound Slammers board members and several members of our coaching staff will be intimately involved in both the tryout and selection process and/or operation of the club on a moving forward basis. We are excited, as is the Blackhills Football Club board, at the prospects for a much larger breadth of playing options in both the Select and Competitive Soccer leagues that this combination will afford both clubs and, ultimately, our players.

As most of our teams have recently purchased new uniforms and we realize the financial impact this can have on your families finances we are pursuing available options to help offset some of the fiscal impacts this combination may have. To that end your Puget Sound Slammers Board is working with Blackhills Football Club to have a credit applied to all Puget Sound Slammers players who take advantage of this opportunity that would offset both the cost of purchasing new uniform kits as well as some of the players fees which would apply for the next player year. We do not know the exact amount of the credit but will keep you informed as we move forward. Additionally, Blackhills Football Club does have a financial aid program to help offset the player fees for eligible families.

On behalf of the Puget Sound Slammers Board I certainly hope you do not hesitate to ask any of the board members, any questions you might have regarding this exciting opportunity for our club and our players.

Sincerely, Puget Sound Slammers Board




The Puget Sound Slammers are excited to kick off the 2015-2016 season with all of our teams playing in the top tiers of the Puget Sound Premier League! We are also pleased to announce our new GU14 Academy Team which consists of very accomplished players from both the Puget Sound Slammers and TC United Soccer Club.

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Puget Sound Slammers is a US Club-affiliated  competitive soccer club serving Lacey, Olympia, Yelm and the surrounding areas of Thurston County Washington. Our passion for the game drives us to develop youth soccer players to reach their potential in both sport and in life. Soccer development provides many of the same challenges as experienced in life and PSS seeks to improve player’s skills and abilities in both. Our success is driven by our inspiring mission.