The King’s Throne Wobbles

The King’s Throne Wobbles

It was love from the first sight. When the then coach of Borussia Dortmund played big with his team in the UEFA Champions League, he also took the hearts of English football fans by storm. He played power football, and his visible passion for the game quickly made him a coveted object for international football managers. That was especially true for Liverpool FC and its fans. When the club was once again on the brink, one thing was specific for the supporters. Jürgen Klopp has to take the helm without delays. They publicly demanded the German’s commitment.

The Call from Liverpool ended Klopps break abruptly. Klopp became the new coach of Liverpool FC. When he took office, he promised the fans one thing above all else. Now the club should finally get a title. He quickly managed to bring the team into shape and move into the first final. But winning a crown didn’t want to succeed. Klopp delivered some magical moments on the legendary Anfield Road, but the titles stayed away for the time being.

Champions League And Premier League Title

That changed suddenly two years ago. Liverpool FC overcame all the hurdles, no matter how high, and won the UEFA Champions League. In the following year, nobody stopped the team in the Premier League either. The Reds won their first championship after a hiatus of 30 years. The enthusiasm surrounding Jürgen Klopp knew no bounds. But the high pace of recent years is claiming its victims in the current season.

The First Breaks Become Visible

The season started again okay, but the strain is currently claiming its victims. Little by little, the team ran out of luck. Severe injuries in the defence meant that the defensive lost a lot of fighting power. The first unusual defeats crept in. These have added up to a series in the last few weeks. So it’s no wonder that the gap to the newly strengthened teams from Manchester has grown significantly. Especially Manchester City under its star coach Pep Guardiola is back on stage.

The team got a little under the charging Reds wheels in the last two seasons, but now they’re back. Guardiola’s team is currently leading the championship. However, everything seems to be going wrong at Liverpool at the moment. Most recently in front of the team in Leicester. This development reminds many fans of the time in Dortmund. There, too, everything started with a small playful weakness. That then developed from a dent into an enormous crisis. That ended with the successful coach’s voluntary withdrawal. The problems in defence are apparent. That is where Liverpool have to start if they want to get the crisis under control. Klopp himself has already written off the championship title this season. After all, he wants to prevent a repetition of the development at Borussia Dortmund. No everybody ist waiting, what will happen at the team.


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