Rise in popularity of soccer in the US

Rise in popularity of soccer in the US

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. Every country has a national soccer team that proudly represents the flag at the international competitions. An entire subculture developed around this amazing sport and soccer players are transferred from one club to another for astronomic sums of money. The United States were always interested in sports but soccer played a less important role in this culture. Lately, we see an increasing interest for this sport all around the US.

Soccer was introduced in the US thanks to the immigrants from Europe. Many consider that the starting point was New Orleans. Many immigrants came into this city in the late 19th century and brought their favorite sport along. The American Football Association was founded in 1884 in order to offer guidelines and rules for this rather new sport. A long time passed until professional soccer associations were funded. The first official record states that in 1967 there was two of this kind.

Major League Soccer was launched in 1996 in order to give players the possibility to play at international competitions. In 2002 US participated at FIFA World Cup where they reached the quarterfinals, the best result so far. Many social studies show that soccer is increasing in popularity and that one in three families has someone playing soccer. The popularity increased thanks to the fun this game offers and thanks to the fact that is less dangerous than American football. Also, it can be played by many age groups and doesn’t require much force and practice for an amateur level.

The passion for this game has spread in such a way that it is the second most watched sport after baseball. A poll from ESPN showed Lionel Messi in top 10 most popular athletes in the US. There are many national and regional competitions that are broadcasted regularly and this attracted many sponsors. From a backyard sport it transformed in a full career for many athletes. The popularity of the players is also increasing and they are considered some of the most influential people in the US. Soccer is very fun to watch and many sports bar opened their doors in order to satisfy this desire to watch a game with friends.

The popularity of soccer increased even more when televisions started to show women competitions. The most watched soccer game in 2017 was the FIFA Women’s World Cup Finals. This game outranked Stanley Cup and NBA Finals. This sport is popular because it is open to anyone and it is very fun to watch. There are many new youth soccer clubs that gain popularity all over the US. Many parents consider that soccer teacher children discipline, fair-play and teamwork. There are many universities that offer sports scholarships for soccer players in order to help them receive education while still performing in their favorite sport. Soccer will continue to gain popularity thanks to its amazing game, fair-play and the fact that it is a universal sport.


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