How to Get Rid of Man Boobs Easily and Naturally

If you are like me, you have struggled with man boobs, or also known as Gynecomastia. This is a condition where the male mammary glands are enlarged, resulting in the development of male breasts. This is obviously embarrassing, but there are treatments available. This article will tell you how to get rid of man boobs. I will highlight the natural ways, as well as the unnatural ways.

How to get rid of man boobs the unnatural way:

I will start by talking about surgery. There is surgery available to treat man boobs, and it is highly effective. There are pros and cons, the cons are that the surgery to get rid of gynecomastia is very expensive, costing up to $10,000 in some locations. There is around an 8 week recovery time also.

The other unnatural method is prescription drugs. Drugs such as anti estrogens (Nolvadex, clomiphene) act by blocking the hormone estrogen, which in turn will reduce the size of the male mammary glands. There are side effects to these drugs, and they are not even universally approved to treat gynecomastia.

How to get rid of man boobs naturally:

I will start with the natural, and most recommended methods to get rid of man boobs. The first method is through exercise, such as cardio and muscle training. Cardio such as running and biking are strongly recommended, and muscle training such as upper chest exercises. Pushups are recommended as well as bench presses.

Eating healthy is another natural method you can try. Eating a lot of fibre and protein is essential for getting rid of man boobs. Try to avoid fatty foods as much as possible, as this will just make the condition worse.

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