Greatest Soccer Games of All Time

Greatest Soccer Games of All Time

Soccer, football, futbol, whatever you want to call it, it is arguable one of the greatest games in the world. The history of this fantastic sport dates back centuries, while there may be changes over the years the basic are still there. And this sport only gets better and better year after year. While every fan no doubt has their favourite players and their favourite matches there are a few games that stand out as the best games ever. Here are 5 of the greatest soccer matches ever played!

Brazil V. Italy – World Cup Final 1970

Brazil won this game with four goals to one and it was a spectacle to watch. With the infamous Pele opening the game with the first goal and assisting with two others it was a joy to watch a true master of his craft at work.

Liverpool V. Milan – Champions League Final 2005

This win gave Liverpool their fifth European title and it was well worth it. The game was well worth the excitement, Liverpool was not set out to win from the get go. However, Steven Gerrard came through and got a quick-fire set of goals in less than six minutes. The game then took a quick turn and Liverpool closed the game with a 3–2 lead. Giving them yet another title against the supposed best team in Europe at the time.

Real Madrid V. Eintracht Frankfurt – European Cup Final 1960

Real Madrid came home with their fifth successive European Cup win after this game against the German team. Early on Frankfurt took the lead, but this only pushed Madrid even harder and they came away with 7 goals to Frankfurt 3. It was the game to see that year with such impressive goals on both sides.

Italy V. West Germany – World Cup Semi-Final 1970

The game seemed relatively uneventful until Karl-Heinz struck an equalizer that out the game into extra time. The Germans then came ahead, and this pushed the Italians into overdrive. Finally, they came through with the fourth goal just in time and Italy was victorious with a final score of 4–3.

Manchester City V. Queens Park Rangers – Premier League 2012

Waiting until injury time Manchester city knew that they had to pull this one out to win. The game went into overtime and Edin Dzeko equalized the game just before Sergio Aguero struck the final and dramatic goal to get Manchester city the win of 3–2.

There are of course so many memorable football games that have occurred over the years, some in major competitions such as the world cup and some in smaller games. And every fan has their idea of what makes a game on of the best, these five games were truly some of the greatest games to have ever been played around the world. Showcasing great skill and sportsmanship from all the players involved. Next time you are watching a soccer game, just think maybe this will be one of the greatest games of all time.


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