Cinematic Soccer – Part 2

Cinematic Soccer – Part 2

Africa United

Focusing on fans that live in poverty once more, this time in the disadvantaged state of Rwanda. A group of children embark on an adventure to South Africa to witness the World cup. Showing the struggle of children in this part of the world is not its only focus, the expected dreary nature is overthrown often by the upbeat attitudes of the grateful characters. Known for being a heart warmer and showcasing the passion that many have for the game, Africa United has brought audiences everywhere from laughter to tears.

The Big Green

This comedy from Walt Disney Pictures aims to do for soccer what The Mighty Ducks did for Ice Hockey, bringing a misfit team together with laugh out loud consequences. English exchange Teacher Anna Montgomery is tasked to teach Geography to a bunch of underachievers. After struggling to motivate them to do anything other than beat down their already low self-esteem, she tries a different approach. Teaching them the game of soccer comes with its own issues, but eventually the team picks it up, as their encouraging teacher drives them to compete with other teams. This fun family film from 95’ still has the appeal to get younger audiences into the game.

The Two Escobars

This insightful documentary shows a somewhat unknown story of how two unrelated men with the same surnames became intertwined. Known as the infamous drug lord of South America, Pablo Escobar had power and money unlike anyone else he knew. Andres Escobar was a modest soccer player who had risen to fame scoring for Columbia. As the country’s identity became ever more wrapped in the success of their soccer stars, there was no room for mistakes, but unfortunately for Andres, he made a slip up that would prove to be catastrophic. Herein lies the thread that ties together the unbelievable tale of the two Escobars. Revealing how the lines of politics and sport cross paths, this edge-of-your-seat feature will have you shocked at the outcome.

The Football Factory

This hard-hitting British drama from 2004 stars Danny Dyer and Neil Maskell in a gritty novel adaptation. The dark film follows Tommy who is a member of the Chelsea hooligan firm, a reckless bunch of men who purposefully incite chaos in and around soccer matches. With their anger aimed at their rivals Millwall, Tommy and his friends punch, kick and drink their way through several fights in the way up to a big showdown. Haunted by a nightmare that could well be a premonition of a grim future to come, Tommy remains apprehensive about the dangerous encounter they are heading towards. This outing is less about the actual game of soccer and more about the dark side of the sport, highlighting the rioting and murderous behaviours of men who decide to take their fandom to an extreme level. Much like in the film Green Street (released a year later) starring Elijah Wood, this topic is a real-life threat posed by lager louts who have something to prove.


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