Cinematic Soccer – Part 1

Cinematic Soccer – Part 1

Kicking and Screaming

With a pushy parent figure that many can relate to, Phil never made it as a star soccer player, much to his father’s dismay. Now years later he has his own son and it seems the cycle of competitive sport and overbearing parenthood is continuing. With comedy legend Will Ferrell in the starring role as soccer failure turned coach, the hilarious story of a youth soccer team is born. With his ridiculously over the top approach, he shouts insults at kids, treats parents like underlings and barks commands like a wild man in fits of rib-tickling rage. Kicking and Screaming will have you chuckling, rooting for the team and possibly finding a new nickname for your over enthusiastic coach.


This deep cutting drama focuses on a Mexican cook who finds a way to follow his dream and carve a path to become a professional soccer player. With his love for the sport burning inside of him, Santiago Munez plays for a virtually unknown team in his poverty stricken neighbourhood. A once in a lifetime opportunity arises when a former Newcastle player spots his talent. In an uphill struggle to get to England and try out for the big leagues, Goal shows the nigh impossible odds that some of the worlds best players have overcome to get their place in the spotlight.

Shaolin Soccer

This silly outing into the soccer film genre is delightfully refreshing. In a bid to win a $1 million-dollar grand prize, Shaolin monk Sing reunites a band of Kung-fu brothers to apply their combined skills on a soccer pitch. With over the top effects and unbelievable cinematics, Shaolin Soccer delivers the crazy antics expected from the director of Kung Fu Hustle and Dragon ball Evolution. Blending martial arts into the game with the addition of superpowers will amp up any player wishing to be a champion on the field, even if the premise is entirely fictional.

The Damned United

This biographical drama is based around the story of former Leeds United manager Brian Clough. Played by Michael Sheen we follow the rough relationship between him and his team that began to arise in 1968. As his methods are somewhat questionable, we get to peek behind the curtain somewhat at the ups and downs that contributed to his career. Well known for being one of England’s greatest managers, this story is a great watch for any fan wishing to explore the history of England’s triumphs.

Mean Machine

Starring ex-footballer and tough man Vinnie Jones, this adaptation of the Burt Reynolds classic The Longest Yard is equally as respected. This time set in Britain and featuring soccer as the sport of focus, the story follows disgraced player Danny who finds himself in prison after a reckless stint. After his fame disintegrates behind bars, Danny’s only pleasure comes from playing soccer with other inmates. In a usually one-sided match between the inmates and guards, Danny begins to train a team in an attempt to defeat the abusive staff. Fans may recognise the events of the story from the even more recent film starring Adam Sandler.


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