Benefits of Playing soccer

Soccer is the “King” sport in Europe. And it is one of the favorite sports among children.

Do you know what the benefits of playing soccer are? Are there any problems related to soccer?

Read on and find out.

Soccer and Its Benefits

Football or soccer began to be practiced in England by the end of the 19th century and, today, it is one of the most practiced sports in the whole world. It is a demanding sport, which requires a certain physical form and works all muscle groups, especially the core and the lower train. Experts recognize that playing soccer has many benefits.

It is entertaining and very varied; a game is never like the other. Stimulates character and personal motivation, kids and adults from all ages work hard to be better than they are, and for children, soccer improves their teamwork, because it is, obviously, a team sport.

Other benefits that can be attributed to soccer is that it favors socialization, it awakens the competitive character on kids and teens, for those of us who are looking for ways to get in shape, soccer is known for burning a lot of calories and also tones legs, abs, glutes, and waist.

When you’re in the path of body improvement, it helps with the flexibility of the hip, knee and ankle joints, also, soccer is an aerobic exercise that favors cardiovascular work and also will improve your lung resistance.

Soccer for Children

Soccer is one of the favorite sports of children, who start practicing at a very young age. It is a sport that improves their physical and emotional development by helping them acquire values ​​such as companionship or the spirit of improvement. A good coach can provide discipline and order.

As a team sport Soccer enables children to work in groups, and reduces the risk of bullying and harassment, a very important lesson soccer teaches is to win and overcome the frustration of losing, a thing that has lot or arguments right now with soccer and parents, because some leagues are not using scores, and by doing so, children don’t learn this lesson.

Soccer is an incredible exercise, children Increase muscle power in the legs by practicing it and strengthens bones and joints, oxygenates their blood, develop the peripheral vision and stimulates motor coordination, those “eye-feet” reflexes are going to increase!

Women and Soccer

The time when women stood aside and let men have all the fun has come to an end. Every year more and more women’s leagues are rising and there’s no stop to this. The advantages of soccer in women are the same as in men.

Perhaps it could be added that women have less physical power and are somewhat more susceptible to contact blows. In any case, as an aerobic and endurance sport, soccer can improve the general physical fitness of women and favor their strength in tendons, ligaments, and joints.

If you are passionate about soccer, don’t stay home watching it on a TV. Find a group of friends and get fit by enjoying your favorite activity. Or better yet, make new friends in the field, explore the limits of your body and enjoy the King of sports!

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Curious Facts About Soccer That Everybody Should Know

Besides being one of the most (if not the most) popular sports in the world, soccer is a social phenomenon. Fact: we talk all the time about soccer, we use soccer metaphors in our daily lives, we compare soccer situations with real-life situations. Anyway, soccer is much more than a game, much more than a sport.

Aside from those interesting facts of goal count, whether Maradona’s goal was a “hand of God” or not, or those fun ‘what if Pelé went against Messi, or Cristiano” fantasies, let’s talk real facts. Here are some interesting nuggets not everybody knows, about the King of sports.

2022 FIFA World Cup Final Match

FIFA World Cup of Qatar 2022 it’s not far from being a real thing, everything is already planned for its development. One of the most curious things is that the host city of what will become the final is already decided: the city of Lusail … which is a city that doesn’t exist… yet.

Goal Celebrations Become Soccer Injuries

The goal is the most emotional moment of a soccer match. Interestingly enough, many players get injured when celebrating that moment, more precisely (according to data): 1 out of 20 injuries in players occurs when something goes wrong in a celebration, back in 2014, Indian player Peter Biaksangzuala from India’s premier league died after his goal celebration went wrong.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Museum of… Cristiano Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the best soccer players in all history and, as such, is the target of a lot of varied opinions. There are those who love him and those who, even though can’t help but recognize his immense capabilities for this sport, don’t like him very much. For reasons like this: The guy opened a whole museum about himself in 2013, and he allegedly has a hard time understanding consent.

The Youngest Professional Player in The World

As we all know, soccer is a business like no other and generates not a lot, but a whole lot more money than you could ever imagine … As a result, things like this happen: hiring a 1 year and 8 months old child as a professional soccer player for a sports club in Belgium, because you know, recruiters.

Lightning Killed a Whole Team in 1998

The tremendous misfortune occurred in October 1998, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The match was played in Kasai city during a strong thunderstorm, when suddenly, a heavy volley of thunders fell on the ground and killed 11 players in an instant, leaving another 30 people with serious injuries.

Côte d’Ivoire War Ended by The Power of a Soccer Player

Obviously, a feat only achieved by nothing less than the great Didier Drogba, captain of the selected Ivorian team. Côte d’Ivoire was at war for five years, between the forces of the north (rebels) and those of the south (government).

From England, where Drogba played for Chelsea, he repeatedly prayed for the cessation of the conflict in his native country. The Côte d’Ivoire people, great lovers of the sport, seemed to pay attention to the athlete, putting aside their differences and crediting Drogba with peace… for all those who say that soccer is useless.

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History of the Soccer Ball: Part 1

Throughout history, humans have enjoyed kicking things for fun. Long time before rubber was invented, South Americans were known for using things as animal or human skulls, stitched up cloth, pig or cow bladders and even human heads to play their ball games.

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Cinematic Soccer – Part 2

Africa United

Focusing on fans that live in poverty once more, this time in the disadvantaged state of Rwanda. A group of children embark on an adventure to South Africa to witness the World cup. Showing the struggle of children in this part of the world is not its only focus, the expected dreary nature is overthrown often by the upbeat attitudes of the grateful characters. Known for being a heart warmer and showcasing the passion that many have for the game, Africa United has brought audiences everywhere from laughter to tears.

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Cinematic Soccer – Part 1

Kicking and Screaming

With a pushy parent figure that many can relate to, Phil never made it as a star soccer player, much to his father’s dismay. Now years later he has his own son and it seems the cycle of competitive sport and overbearing parenthood is continuing. With comedy legend Will Ferrell in the starring role as soccer failure turned coach, the hilarious story of a youth soccer team is born. With his ridiculously over the top approach, he shouts insults at kids, treats parents like underlings and barks commands like a wild man in fits of rib-tickling rage. Kicking and Screaming will have you chuckling, rooting for the team and possibly finding a new nickname for your over enthusiastic coach.

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Soccer Icons – Part 2

Cristiano Ronaldo

With 26 trophies on his shelf, this 33-year-old refuses to put a stop to his soccer streak. Born and raised in Madeira his youth career was fruitful enough for him to join the ranks of Manchester United, becoming their first Portuguese player at the age of 18. Here he was instrumental in helping the team remain victorious. In 2009 he moved to Real Madrid where his prowess as an adept attacker continued. Known for being cocky and arrogant on and off the pitch, Ronaldo has somewhat become the bad boy of soccer. As one of the fastest players in world history and with a shining career, its easy to understand why someone’s ego may become inflated.

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Soccer Icons

Zinedine Zidane

With his youth soccer career ending in ’89, Zidane had been a master the sport for several decades. Born in France in 1972, the three-time FIFA world player of the year was renowned for his incredible technique and ball control. On the pitch from as early as 10 years of age, Zidane went from strength to strength making a name for himself all the way from his Cannes days up until he played for Real Madrid who paid a record fee of 150 billion Italian lire for him. Scoring some of the best goals in UEFA history his careers only notable scar was the infamous headbutt incident. Now managing the most recent team he played for, superstar factory Real Madrid, he continues his legacy by passing down his knowledge of the game to new talent.

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Europe’s Ultimate Soccer Teams

The 2018 FIFA World Cup will soon be upon us so it’s a great time to take a look at which European countries lay claim to the best soccer teams. Europe is home to some of the finest soccer players in the world, both past and present, and has many national teams in with a real chance of taking home this year’s World Cup trophy. Some countries, like England and Spain, have a long history of soccer fans and place great importance on both their national teams and local clubs.

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Best soccer teams in the US

Of all the sports in the world, soccer is said to be one of the most important, popular, general and common of them all. Not only has soccer served as an entertainment to its lovers, it has also been a great platform that united people of different culture, background, believes, and ethnicity. There is a saying in football, “in soccer we speak on language”. Soccer has its root mostly in all parts of the world; it has spread all over, amidst people, kids, even the disabled. Having close to 1494.6 ratings, Seattle is toping the United States soccer teams, although the leading margin between the club and others are very little. In the United States, here are some of the best soccer teams.

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