Best soccer teams in the UK

Best soccer teams in the UK

Of all the sports in the world, soccer is said to be one of the most important, popular, general and common of them all. Not only has soccer served as an entertainment to its lovers, it has also been a great platform that united people of different culture, background, believes, and ethnicity. There is a saying in football, “in soccer we speak on language”. Soccer has its root mostly in all parts of the world; it has spread all over, amidst people, kids, even the disabled. In the United Kingdom, here are some reviews of the best soccer teams.

Manchester United

Manchester United is a professional soccer team based in England. The soccer team is situated in Greater Manchester in Old Trafford. This great soccer team competes in the English Premier League, popularly known as EPL. The team also compete in the Uefa Champion’s League UECL (a league that allows qualified soccer teams all around the world to compete against each other in groups and stages), The F.A cup and in some other soccer competitions. The club has produced and groomed great and world class players like Cristiano Ronaldo who has won the best player in the world for more than three times, Rio Ferdinand one of the best defenders in the world, Paul Pogba, etc.

Chelsea Soccer Team

Chelsea Soccer Team
Chelsea Soccer Team

Over the past years, Chelsea football team has been one of the best teams in the United Kingdom. The club who has won both the Uefa Champions league title and the English Premier league title in addition to many other titles is owned by a Roman Billionaire, Roman Abramovich. The club is filled with world class players such as Eden Hazard from Belgium, N’golo Kante, Alvora Morata, Luis David, Marcus Alonso and so many more players.

Arsenal Football Club

Managed by its long term manager and coach, Arsene Winger, this Soccer team has a very beautiful style of playing soccer. Their style of playing is almost similar to that of the Spanish Club FC Barcelona. One quality about Arsenal football club is the way they make their passes on the field of play, they are always very accurate and precise. Players like Oxlade Chamberlain, Laccassette, Mesut Ozil and so much more are the lights in this fantastic football team. They play with passion and understanding.

Liverpool Soccer Team

One world for this soccer team is Greatness!  Liverpool fc has since the 70s and 80s, even up till present, they haven’t stopped doing so. The club has won about five UEFA titles, and if the titles won by Arsenal and Chelsea football clubs are added together, they will still not meet the numbers of cups and titles this great soccer team had won. They have produced players like Stephen Gerrad from England, Mohammed Salah from Africa, and some other great players all around the world.

Manchester City

As at 2017, the club is still the current leader in the English Premier League. They are currently being coached by Pep Guadiola, the former manager of the Spanish Giant Soccer club Barcelona.


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