Benefits of Playing soccer

Benefits of Playing soccer

Soccer is the “King” sport in Europe. And it is one of the favorite sports among children.

Do you know what the benefits of playing soccer are? Are there any problems related to soccer?

Read on and find out.

Soccer and Its Benefits

Football or soccer began to be practiced in England by the end of the 19th century and, today, it is one of the most practiced sports in the whole world. It is a demanding sport, which requires a certain physical form and works all muscle groups, especially the core and the lower train. Experts recognize that playing soccer has many benefits.

It is entertaining and very varied; a game is never like the other. Stimulates character and personal motivation, kids and adults from all ages work hard to be better than they are, and for children, soccer improves their teamwork, because it is, obviously, a team sport.

Other benefits that can be attributed to soccer is that it favors socialization, it awakens the competitive character on kids and teens, for those of us who are looking for ways to get in shape, soccer is known for burning a lot of calories and also tones legs, abs, glutes, and waist.

When you’re in the path of body improvement, it helps with the flexibility of the hip, knee and ankle joints, also, soccer is an aerobic exercise that favors cardiovascular work and also will improve your lung resistance.

Soccer for Children

Soccer for Children

Soccer is one of the favorite sports of children, who start practicing at a very young age. It is a sport that improves their physical and emotional development by helping them acquire values ​​such as companionship or the spirit of improvement. A good coach can provide discipline and order.

As a team sport Soccer enables children to work in groups, and reduces the risk of bullying and harassment, a very important lesson soccer teaches is to win and overcome the frustration of losing, a thing that has lot or arguments right now with soccer and parents, because some leagues are not using scores, and by doing so, children don’t learn this lesson.

Soccer is an incredible exercise, children Increase muscle power in the legs by practicing it and strengthens bones and joints, oxygenates their blood, develop the peripheral vision and stimulates motor coordination, those “eye-feet” reflexes are going to increase!

Women and Soccer

The time when women stood aside and let men have all the fun has come to an end. Every year more and more women’s leagues are rising and there’s no stop to this. The advantages of soccer in women are the same as in men.

Perhaps it could be added that women have less physical power and are somewhat more susceptible to contact blows. In any case, as an aerobic and endurance sport, soccer can improve the general physical fitness of women and favor their strength in tendons, ligaments, and joints.

If you are passionate about soccer, don’t stay home watching it on a TV. Find a group of friends and get fit by enjoying your favorite activity. Or better yet, make new friends in the field, explore the limits of your body and enjoy the King of sports!


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