Are Supplements Like Fat Loss Pills Great For Getting Flat Abs And Building Muscle?

Every week it seems like you see a new supplement that promotes tons of fat loss, muscle gains, or a certain pill that targets your abs. In turn, people think their pills and powders are a necessary.

The fact is, that nothing could be further from the truth…

Now, I don’t want you to think that Im completely anti-supplement because they can have their appropriate place in getting you to your goals.

Here is the main question, you should ask yourself if you are thinking about using supplements…

“Have I been giving it my all in diet, training and rest. And followed a proven plan for at least 12 months straight?”

If you can’t answer yes to that, you are completely confused on what supplements should be used for, and they are not for you, quite yet…

If you are a beginner or have less than 1yr straight of training for fat loss, I recommend you just invest your extra money on higher quality foods or if you are already doing this, just buy more.

Where I recommend that you use supplements for losing belly fat, getting abs or building more muscle, is when you have reached at least the 12 month mark.

Then you should add a couple essential supplements…

There are really only 2 times of the day you can be taking supplement to improve your physique…

Right before your workout and right after.

This would be in the form of a high carb and high protein smoothie.

What this supplement will allow you to do is replenish the glycogen stores you depleted during your intense workout. Allowing your muscles to recover and aid your body in burning more fat.

Long term, using this type of supplement before and right after your workout, can lead to major differences in your fat loss and whether or not you get to a bodyfat low enough to see your abs.

Healthy Foods That Can Help Your Body Maximize Its Fat Burning Potential – Fast

Many people today are overweight, or at least think they are. There are so many diets out there, whether it be pills, crash diets, or reading every single label on every single thing you buy.

There is a simpler way to diet. A person feels more like exercising when they have energy to do so, so the question that comes to mind is how do I get more energy. Food is converted into energy, and we need more energy at the beginning of our day, so a good solution to this is to eat a large meal at the beginning of the day that promotes energy.

Eggs are filling without being too large, so eating them as a main course won’t stretch out your stomach yet leave you feeling full. Some other good suggestions are waffles with a fruit topping, a few strips of bacon, grits, and some orange juice.

Whole Grain Cereals such as the Kashi Brands have lots of vitamins and minerals so if you like cereal make it a part of your balanced energy breakfast.

If you’re one of these who doesn’t like the traditional breakfast, then pasta is a good starch food that lasts throughout the day. My personal favorite in this category is frozen stuffed ravioli, but be careful how many you make; they’re more filling than they look.

For those of you who are traditionalists when it comes to breakfast your choices are nearly unlimited. Eggs with whole grain toast, a turkey sausage patty or two turkey bacon strips, and some freshly squeezed juice makes for a well balanced breakfast that will help you to get through the day.

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