A Brief History of the World Cup

FIFA, which stands for Fe`de`ration Internationale de Football Association, or international Federation of association football in English, is the international governing body of association football. The FIFA World Cup was first held in 1930. Then president Jules Rimet instituted the international tournament in that year when only 13 invited teams competed for the trophy. Over the years the tournament has seen several expansions and changes to the format which currently sees 32 teams compete in the final tournament, following a two-year qualifying period which can involve in excess of 200 teams from all over the globe! In 1872 the first official international match was contested between Scotland and England in the Scottish city of Glasgow. Initially football was rarely played outside Great Britain but by 1900 national associations were being formed and the sport’s popularity was gaining ground. In 1902 the first official international match was played outside the British Isles between Uruguay and Argentina.

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